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Gertrud Schrenk: Veiðivötn, 1992

From the series "Paradís undir jökli"

Oil on canvas, 140 x 110 cm

3600 €

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Don't miss this great artwork!

Catch your vision of the origin of earth, visible in the highlands of Iceland!

During her half year's stay in Reykjavík in 1992, the artist painted this beautiful fine art picture in the old masters' technique. Many very thin, transparent, colorful layers were applied plein air. No photograph was used to catch the impression of the view.

Every time you look at the painting, colors appear different, depending on the light and the point of view.

Each layer has to dry for some days which meant an adventure through rivers and the black sand desert of the southern Icelandic highlands. Veiðivötn is an area with lots of little lakes, where local people go fishing trout (veiða = to fish, vötn = lakes). The place is absolutely remote and even today, when tourism has grown a lot and rude vehicles reach any point of the country within a few hours, very few tourists can be found there.

Have a look at the scenery through these incredible airial panorama: and open the last one, title "Volcanic lakes in Veidivotn area". If you look north you'll find the volcano depicted in the painting.

The painting askes questions: about perception, about painting in times of excessive photographic production, about perception of reality and the picture of reality. About academic painting and manierism. We see foreground, middle, background and sky. With the absence of any spectacular or intended new composition, the painting is a statement against modern manierism (" I try what I want and see if it works").

Against the present-day "too-much" of everything and the over-individualism, the artist seems to put calmness, contemplation, structure, tradition, responsibility, altruism if not into reality, but in a realistic painting.



Gertrud Schrenk
Jungbuschstr. 15
68159 Mannheim